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Join the fast-track to becoming a licensed solo skydiver with an Accelerated Freefall Skydiving course in San Diego today! Master your skills with an intensive ground-training course accompanied by San Diego instructor-assisted jumps for seven levels of the most exciting learning course you've ever partaken! The San Diego Accelerated Freefall Course is the fastest and safest way to immerse you into the sport of Skydiving!

The Levels of San Diego Accelerated Freefall

Crawl, walk, run….then FLY! Here's what you can expect during your San Diego Accelerated Freefall training with San Diego Skydiving Adventures

Level 1: The Basics

The first level of your San Diego skydiving training requires between 4-6 hours of intensive ground-school training. You'll be immersed into the basics of skydiving including canopy deployment and control, body positioning, and safety rules and regulations. Taught by the pros of our sport, complete this ground training with the education and confidence to successfully complete your Level 1 Skydive above the San Diego area. Get ready for your practical exam, Freefall Skydiving in San Diego!

Many factors determine if you'll complete your practical skydive on the same day or the next, including but not limited to weather patterns, San Diego instructor availability and time. As you board the plane, you'll be accompanied by two San Diego skydiving instructors for the duration of your jump. They will exit the plane with you and remain connected to you during the freefall portion of your San Diego skydive and will observe as you deploy your parachute. Once under canopy, you'll be talked back to the drop zone via radio communications. Your San Diego Skydiving Adventures network instructors will review your video, provide constructive feedback, and if confident in your skills, you will be passed and on to level!

Level 2: Refinement

The Level 2 Accelerated Freefall Skydive in San Diego is relatively similar to Level 1, just without the extensive ground training prior. Now that you've experienced the feeling of freefall, it's time to refine your skills with another San Diego skydiving instructor assisted jump. If confident in your skills, one of your San Diego skydiving instructors may release you for a brief time during freefall, but don't worry, they'll be right there with you to ensure your parachute deployment goes as plans! After the jump, again, you'll be video reviewed and given feedback. With a passing grade, you're on to Level 3 of your Accelerated Freefall skydiving course in San Diego!

Level 3: Release

Level 3 is your first chance to be truly in solo freefall. While it is a similar jump to both Level 1 and 2, during Level 3 of the Accelerated Freefall skydiving program in San Diego, you'll be released by both San Diego Skydiving Adventures network instructors and watched to ensure you're maintaining proper head and body position. If they're, again, confident in your skills and progress, you'll be briefed for Level 4 and given a passing grade.

Level 4: 90 Degree Turns

You've graduated another level in the San Diego Accelerated Freefall course and have been entrusted in the care of only one San Diego skydiving instructor instead of two. In this practical San Diego skydiving examination, you'll be accompanied by one instructor and will demonstrate your ability to freefall solo and exhibit 90 degree turns in freefall both to the right and left. Impress your San Diego skydiving instructor with your consistently improved skills to receive a passing grade and start briefing on Level 5 of the Accelerated Freefall skydiving course.

Level 5: 360 Degree Turns

A similar experience to Level 4 of the Aaccelerated Freefall course in San Diego, though you'll be required to complete full 360 degree turns in freefall. Again, accompanied by only one San Diego skydiving instructor and graded on showing your improved skill set, complete Level 5 of the Accelerated Freefall skydiving course in San Diego, California with the confidence to advance to Level 6!

Level 6: Tracking and Stability

Your Level 6 AFF jump emphasizes your ability to combine forward movement with 90 degree turns to demonstrate your ability to track. You'll also be required to demonstrate your ability to regain control after completing a "front-loop", an essential mid-air somersault that has the potential to disorient skydivers. Upon showcasing your abilities to your San Diego skydiving instructor, who maintains a level of confidence in your skills, you'll be passed on to your graduation jump, Level 7!

Level 7: The Whole Enchilada

Congratulations, you've made it to the first jump of the rest of your San Diego skydiving career! The level 7 Accelerated Freefall skydiving examination gives you the ability to put all of your previous teachings and practical skills to the test. By showcasing your ability to perform a front-loop, 360 degree turns, 90 degree turns, tracking to and from your San Diego skydiving instructor, and a successful parachute deployment and landing, you're on your way to becoming a licensed skydiver! Completion of this level provides your Accelerated Freefall certification which allows you to now skydive on your own!

Keep pushing because there's always more to learn! The Accelerated Freefall skydiving course in San Diego program is an intense, 7 levels and each level must be completed with 30 days of each other. With our expansive network of Skydiving facilities across the nation, you'll never be at a loss to continue your training with San Diego Skydiving Adventures and become a professional skydiver!

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