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Relive the moment forever with a Skydiving Video Package!

Capture your incredible Skydiving Adventure on video and enjoy it again and again! It's become commonplace for us to capture significant moments in our lives. People videotape weddings, birthday parties, and fun vacations. It just makes sense that capturing the first time you throw yourself from a plane at 14,000 feet in the sky would NEED to be captured on video!

Don't let your friends boring "viral" videos become the standard showing at your next family event or party, impress your friends and family by showing them the amazing experience you've completed, time and time again! While we're sure you'd love to capture your first skydive on your camera phone, we know from experience that you'll have more fun focusing on the skydive than trying to keep proper camera position. Leave the videos to the pros and you're guaranteed to have that perfect shot!

San Diego Skydiving Videographers are only able to capture your skydive as you and the friends jumping with you will be spaced out at safe intervals to avoid in-air collisions. Your friends on the ground will be able to capture your descent under canopy but will not be able to capture your freefall.

The video will be delivered to you in digital format so it's perfect for instant sharing on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms! Become the talk of the town with your incredible skydiving video capturing a facial view of the most exciting time of your life!

Different skydiving centers offer different video options, and San Diego Skydiving Adventures will ensure you're matched with the skydiving center that carries the package you want most! Give us a call today to find out what options are available to you to become the talk of the town and the most envied person in your social circle!

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