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Your First Skydive with San Diego Skydiving Adventures

Buckle up, harness in, and get ready for the ultimate in adrenaline-fueled adventure in San Diego, California! If you've ever wondered what it was like to experience freedom, and we mean pure freedom, then book your Tandem Skydiving adventure with San Diego Skydiving Adventures today.

Sure, it can be a little nerve-wracking, but that's what the adventurer in all of us is looking for; a chance to overcome our nerves and experience the overwhelming feeling of excitement and accomplishment never felt before in San Diego.

San Diego Skydiving Adventures will ensure that, while seeking a thrill, you're doing it in the safest and finest way possible! Begin your Tandem Skydiving in San Diego, California today by calling our team at 1-855-445-8973 and booking your San Diego skydiving experience!

When you arrive for your first San Diego Skydiving experience, you'll be shown a video followed by a brief informational Q&A with your San Diego Tandem Skydiving instructor. After that, get harnessed into a jumpsuit and board the plane for an adventure in the California skies!

Once at altitude, you'll hook into your instructor's 4-point harness, ease your way towards the door of the plane and then it's green light; Go, go, go! You'll be flying in style and experiencing an incredible 120 mph freefall adventure over the San Diego area!

Soak in the San Diego views for a life-changing 40-60 second free flight and prepare for the sudden jolt and sigh of relief brought upon by the opening of your parachute. Gracefully glide back to earth in a relaxing 5-7 minute parachute flight. If you're looking for a bit more adventure, ask your San Diego Skydiving Adventures network instructor to show you some of the maneuvers the parachute system is capable of. Now you're the envy of everyone you know, for you've just completed your very first San Diego Tandem Skydive!

Pick up your phone and give San Diego Skydiving Adventures a call at 1-855-445-8973 now and our booking agents will assist you in fulfilling your dream of flight! While weather plays a big role in successfully completing your first San Diego Tandem Skydive, you should plan to be at the skydiving center for at least half the day. Once you've made your jump, hang out with the San Diego Skydiving crowd and share your experience with other first-timers and seasoned pros. Hang with the San Diego Skydiving pros long enough and next thing you know, you'll be signing up for the Accelerated Freefall Program!

Schedule your Tandem San Diego Skydive with Us!Make San Diego Skydiving Adventures your choice for Tandem Skydiving Adventures in California! Call 1-855-445-8973 to Book Your San Diego Tandem Skydive!